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improve your e-invoicing score

The Smart Channel Service, now available to all our Routty customers, is part of the Routty Intelligent Automation Platform.

The Smart Channel Service provides you invaluable insights into the formats and channels through which your business partners are currently sending and receiving invoices.

By collecting information from invoice in- and output systems at hundreds of other customers, the information from hundreds of thousands of companies is analyzed and the best possible e-invoicing scenarios are automatically presented to you.

You can take immediate action and start working with your suppliers or customers in a fully digital way!

The Smart Channel Service offers you...

   ... Insights into which of your business partners can immediately be onboarded to e-invoicing

   ... a pro-active advice on how to use your channels and formats optimally

   ... an overview of candidates for onboarding (based on volume, manual corrections, …)

   ... your e-invoicing score, a must-have to measure your progression over time

   ... a touchless, intelligent experience


Smart Channel


Routty provides out-of-the-box access to all invoice channels and formats. The Routty Smart Channel Service will advise you on the most optimal way to send and receive your documents.
Everything you need to boost your e-invoicing!

Plug and Play


The service itself can be activated and configured in just a few clicks. We are confident that, by keeping it simple, all our customers can benefit from our longstanding expertise in the field of receipt and e-delivery of electronic documents.

Monitoring & reporting


By providing you with meaningful dashboards, you have immediate control and insights into the state of your digital document exchange.

Want to see it for yourself?

We'll guide you through the experience

Are you...

   ... an existing Routty Customer?

   ... using ReadSoft INVOICES or ONLINE and want to benefit more using e-invoices?

   ... just curious about the solution?

Contact Us Directly or your Dynatos/Routty account manager